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♥ hey lovely ♥ turned 4 today!

♥ hey lovely ♥ turned 4 today!

Left with a heavy heart.

So the explosion finally happened. So the girls called for a trashing out on the eve on my second exam paper. Becos I’m easily affected by my emotions, I chose not to be involved that night by muting the whole convo on WA. Which now to me seemed like a good decision. But throughout the night and even in the exam hall, l couldn’t help but think about what may be going on. And I even had imaginary convo happening in my head. So right after my paper, the first thing I had to do was check out the convo.

What has the issue been about? Well basically I have been having problems with B for a while now since last Sept (READ HERE.) The problem which I thought was me being not supportive of her decision and her finding me a nag plus taking us for granted with once too many times of unacceptable excuses of standing us up for our meet-ups. My 2 gf seemed to go all soft on her and it didn’t help make her see the problem. So I thought I should sound more assertive and drafted a slightly more strongly worded response.

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local talent must support! go buy this awesome track on iTunes like i did! only cost less than ur daily coffee money!

OneRepublic nvr lets me down…! I’m hooked…again! :)

Elegant Rose